Audit and diagnostic

An outsourced technical support for production sites

The audit and diagnostic service provides an outsourced technical support for production sites. It offers high-level technical skills and provides an operational response to the problems of production sites.

Address the daily problems of production sites

  • Failure analysis
  • Process reliability
  • Equipment reliability
  • Production optimisation
  • Yield loss resolution
  • Risk analysis and reduction…

The consequences can be serious: increased risk to staff or facilities, decreased quality of the production, inability to deliver to customers on time… even endangering society itself.

Provide an operational response

The originality of the audit and diagnostic service is its ability to take into account the manufacturing process in its globality. Indeed, the company fully masters unit operations and can thus make a comprehensive technical review.

Therefore, we bring a concrete and rapid response through precise methodology.


A tandem for a better efficiency and to transmit the know-how

The audit and diagnostic service provides a unique organisation of work. It is based on the transmission of knowledge and relies on a 2-person team consisting of:

  • A process expert, Doctor, Researcher or Senior Engineer, whose roles are to:
  • Bring their specific expertise
  • Transmit their expertise
  • Validate the study

  • A junior or experienced engineer specialised in process engineering or qualification & validation whose roles are to
  • Prepare the expertise missions
  • Assist the expert during the mission
  • Perform necessary calculations and studies
  • Write documents and reports

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    Audit and diagnostic

    Address the problems of production sites