Project strategy and management

A detailed methodology for maximum efficiency and a global vision

Thanks to its expertise, INEVO Technologies is regularly involved in industrial project strategy and management. Our precise methodology allows maximum efficiency in project coordination and provides a comprehensive view of all project activities.

A support from design to start-up

  • Definition of user requirements
  • Study phases
  • Material, energy, utilities balances
  • Design and equipment specifications
  • Consultations and technical alignments of suppliers
  • HAZOP safety studies
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimations
  • Project monitoring
  • Construction monitoring
  • FAT / SAT / C&Q
  • Assistance to start-up…

Some examples of missions in project strategy and management

  • Team management
  • Regular reporting
  • Participation in schedule development
  • Participation in cost estimation and monitoring
  • Development and monitoring of planned workload
  • FEED studies monitoring
  • Validation of technical solutions
  • Validation of C&Q strategies
  • Participation in the choice of suppliers
  • Construction work supervision
  • Project experience feedback
  • Facility properties transfer

Key assets

  • A perfect knowledge of methodologies and Good Engineering Practices

  • A support of engineering until the start-up of the production unit

Our other activities

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    Project strategy and management

    A "unit operation" approach and a global vision