Design engineering

A partnership to support start-ups and research players in the industrialisation of their processes

A start-up first studies its product and market. Discussions about the feared phases of scale-up and production occur extremely late while they are critical from a financial and technical point of view and constitute a major industrial risk.

With its engineering design service, INEVO Technologies goes beyond the traditional customer/supplier model. The company can become a committed and active partner by bringing its expertise to assist start-up companies and research teams in their technological choices and in the industrialisation of their processes.

Participation at the early stages to propose industrial solutions

Involved at the very early stages, as early as the laboratory testing stages, the design engineering service provides the start-up with an engineering team equivalent to that of a large group and will:
  • Guide the trials, and possibly adapt the process operating conditions
  • Consider the industrial and technological constraints
  • Validate the technological choices
  • Carry out industrialisation studies
  • Propose realistic, competitive and financially manageable technical solutions

This service thus enables start-ups and research teams to fully devote themselves to the development of their technology and their products.

Securing the passage to the industrial stage

Time-saving, securing the industrial transition… Design engineering is an early engineering approach that guarantees, or at least reassures investors and institutions, since INEVO Technologies is positioned as a technology guarantor.


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    Design engineering

    A support to start-ups and research