High-level expertise and tools in process engineering and project management

An expertise and tools reinforced by extensive experience in specific areas

In addition to its "process" expertise, INEVO Technologies has specific expertise in the following areas:
  • Production and distribution of pharmaceutical water
  • Fermentation engineering
  • Treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents (VOCs)
  • Evaporation / continuous crystallisation
  • Process safety (HAZOP, PPRTs (technological risk prevention plans), pressure relief valve and rupture disk sizing)
  • Process simulation (reaction, crystallisation)
  • Project management
  • GMP audit

Specific tools to support our missions

  • Project Management - Planning, Progress…
  • Simulation Software - PROSIM, Pro II, ASPEN…
  • Calculation notes for equipment and systems
  • PProcess Data Books and PID & PFD types
  • Databases for materials, equipment and suppliers…
  • Demo software/simulator
  • Document databases


Industrial Data Analytics

A strong partnership for successful projects


INEVO Technologies et Optimistik combine their skills to meet the needs of industrials.

Our goal: to provide our clients with complementary skills that can speed up and secure their projects.

OI Analytics: data analytics serving industrial performance in order to drastically simplify data processing and put these data at the service of your teams and your performance.
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    High-level expertise and tools

    Reinforced by experiences in specific areas